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Forget About Cutting Lawns Kobi The Robot Will Do It

If you are fed up having to cut the lawn or you want to dump that expensive gardener help is coming, in the form of a robot gardener that can cut the grass and rake up leaves afterwards.

Kobi, is a little dude who uses GPS and built-in sensors to navigate as well as a rechargeable battery, the device will automatically dock itself in its charging station when it needs a power boost.

It’s tipped to sell for around $4,900 in Australia when launched.

The US makers, claim that the device can cut grass over a lawn measuring up to 7 acres or 28,328 square metres and pick up leaves over an area of 3 acres (12,141 square metres).

Kobi can work autonomously but can also be controlled by its owner, using a smartphone app.39619A5D00000578-3838129-image-a-19_1476446859888

The robot features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data connections and will automatically opt for the strongest signal.

Travelling at speeds of up to 5klm an hour, the machine is designed to cut and mulch grass a fraction of an inch at a time and pick up leaves before they begin to pile up.

The multitasking robot is the work of The Kobi Company, a start-up firm based in New York.

‘Kobi has a training mode, to learn about the characteristics of the environment,’ explains the maker on its website.

‘It needs to be shown the outside perimeter of the property, and if applicable fixed obstacles.

‘Next, it needs to know where to dump leaves.

‘After that, it basically figures out what to do independently’.

If any potential thieves try to steal Kobi, it gives off a loud alarm and sends a warning to the owner’s smartphone.

The machine will also go into ‘disable mode’, rendering it useless to anybody but its rightful owner.

In December 2016, 10 beta versions of the robot will be available from which the company’s engineers will gather feedback.

Applications are now open to become a ‘beta’ trial user.

Kobi will go on sale to the public in early 2017, with a price tag of $3,999 (A$4,900) but will initially be limited to the northeast US.

The company does not yet confirm a release date for sales outside of the US.