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Forget About Apple’s New Watch, How About A $5K+ PC Display, The Stand Is $1.7K Extra

Apple is getting ready for life without big iPhone sales with the big US Company using their World Wide Developers Conference to upgrade their ageing software while introducing a new Mac Book, new Apple Watch and an OS for the iPad, they have also introduced a stand for a monitor that will cost you a whopping $1,700 in Australia when released, the display monitor is extra and will cost over $6K.

Future Apple Watch’s will work independently without much help from the iPhone, it includes new health-tracking features, and a series of new watch faces, the new health-tracking improves the capabilities of the smartwatch, bundling in a Cycle Tracking program for menstrual cycle tracking and Activity Trends to analyse your workout activity over time.

The company has also introduced watchOS 6 which for the first time, allows users to download apps to the watch from the App Store. Apple has also added a new Watch app like a calculator, Apple Books for listening to audio books and a voice recorder.

Apple also unveiled new faces for the clock feature of the Watch, including a new dial that merges Roman and Arabic numerals, a face that looks like a sundial, and a new Infographic face that shows more information.

The new monitor goes with the over priced Mac Pro, but get this, the monitor stand will cost you close to A$1,900 and the monitor itself over A$6,000 and if you want it in matte coating it will cost you an extra $1300.

The new Apple 32″ display is made by LG. Their OLED Monitor costs less than $1,000.

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