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Floodlight Cam From Ring Puts A Spotlight On Home Security

Ring, the company behind the Video Doorbell that lets users answer the door from anywhere, have announced a new security camera with built-in floodlights.

The Ring Floodlight Cam features two ultra-bright LED lights that can either be activated by motion or through the Ring app. It also features two-way audio and a siren alarm.

“Unlike traditional floodlights, which are really only effective when you’re at home to notice the lights turning on, Floodlight Cam is a proactive security solution that lets you prevent and stop crime in its tracks – even when you’re not at home,” Ring said in a blog post.

The Floodlight Cam’s motion sensors can detect movement around corners with a 270-degree field of view, while the camera captures 1080p footage with a 140-degree field of view. Infrared night vision also allows footage to be captured in the dark.

As soon as it detects motion, users will receive a notification, the lights will activate and the camera will begin recording. Users can then use the two-way audio feature to communicate if necessary.

It can replace existing wired floodlights, or can be installed using the included tool kit. The Floodlight Cam needs to be connected to mains power, with the company looking into potential alternative power options including solar.

The Floodlight Cam is available for pre-order now on the Ring website for RRP $379.

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