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Ring, Ring, Who’s Calling…New Video Doorbell Goes On Sale At JB HI Fi

JB Hi Fi is set to sell a very unique doorbell that allows owners to answer their door from anywhere.

You can let the cleaners in while sitting on the beach or simply look at who is knocking on your door.

The Ring Video doorbell is a clever twist on more traditional internet-enabled security cameras in that it simply replaces an existing doorbell.ring-video-doorbell-7 (1)

Retailing for $299 the device allows you to you have bell presses show up on your phone, and install multiple extra bells throughout your home, so you’ll never miss a visitor again.

With the ability to talk back to visitors via your phone, you can also leave instructions for couriers or inform friends and family of your whereabouts if they come calling.

The Ring isn’t unique in providing this selection of features, but it is among one of the better devices we have seen for the home.

According to JB Hi Fi management the device is tipped to be a top seller.

For those concerned by the installation process, it is pretty straightforward. If you’ve got an existing powered doorbell you can simply swap out the old bell button and replace it with the Ring, using the old wiring – assuming it’s connected to a standard 8-24VAC supply.

The alternative is that you either get a doorbell transformer installed or you can simply run the Ring off the battery and charge it every month or so when it runs out – it charges via microUSB.

To recharge the device you have to remove it from its base plate, which involves undoing two screws and sliding it off. It’s a pain in the backside, but once you’ve got the knack it’s a two-minute job.

The Ring Video Doorbell is proving itself with law enforcement. As part of a sixmonth
program in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department, 10 percent of homes in the Wilshire Park community installed Ring Video Doorbells, and as a result, daytime burglaries in the district reduced by 55 per cent.

The device operates in iOS, Android, OS X and Windows 10.ringvideodoorbell-product-photos-11