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Fletcher Ballyhoos Oz 5G Speeds

CANBERRA: Australia has ranked in the top five for 5G download speeds according to an independent global survey by Opensignal.

Paul Fletcher.

Comms Minister Paul Fletcher yesterday called it an “outstanding” result.

“Globally, Australia ranks fifth for 5G download speeds and eighth for 5G peak download speeds, which makes us world leaders in 5G,” the minister said.

“Australian users are experiencing average speeds of over 250 Mbps on our 5G networks.”

Australia will hold two 5G spectrum auctions in 2021. In April, high band 5G spectrum (in the 26 GHz band) will become available, enabling extremely fast, high-capacity services. In the second half of 2021, the Government hopes to offer low band 5G spectrum crucial for broader geographic coverage of 5G services.

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