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Complaints To Aussie Telco Companies Down 25% During December Quarter

Are telecommunications companies getting better, or has COVID-19 turned us into a more patient nation?

Maybe it’s a little from column A and a little from column B, as the latest data from the Australian Communications and Media Authority shows that customer complaints to local telco companies were down 24.8 per cent for the quarter ending December 2020, from the same period in 2019.

The data was aggregated from telcos with over 30,000 users – with only 270,355 complaints lodged October through to December 2020, compared to 359,495 the year prior.

John Stanton, CEO of telco industry body the Communications Alliance, credits both “strengthened consumer protections with the revised Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code” and “the hard work telcos have been putting in to improve customer service, including through the challenges of COVID.”

He adds: “Additionally, telcos have been working on innovative service offerings, and with carriers, to increase customer choices and improve the customer experience.

“While there is always more work to be done, it is pleasing to see that industry’s efforts over the past years have had a positive impact, and we hope to see this trend continue.”

Maybe hold music has also gotten better…


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