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Fitbit App Down for Hours with Server Issues

This morning, users of the Fitbit tracking app awoke to find their app and its data inaccessible due to an issue with the platform’s servers.

According to real-time outage report website DownDetector, users worldwide started reporting major problems around 10pm AEST, when the app began failing to connect to Fitbit’s servers.

Fitbit Support officially confirmed the outage via Twitter, saying that it was a server problem that they were aware of and working to resolve.

It seems Fitbit has since fixed the issue and ensured users’ steps will be counted despite the interruption, as per its official tweet: “The interruption to Fitbit syncing and services should now be resolved. We apologize for the interruption and appreciate your patience. Steps during this time should still be counted.”

Annoyingly though, users were somewhat left in the dark with the app failing to show any notification of the service being down. That meant many people were troubleshooting their devices, unpairing them and then finding that they could not re-pair them, adding to the load.

On the upside, trackers and smartwatches still operated normally, so steps and other tracking data should still have synced despite the outage.

The wearable – your smartwatch or tracker – will have continued to collect your activity data; the outage only affected historical data and some features like wellness programs. Sleep tracking went awry, with scores from last night not processing fully. Food logging, health metrics and other sections of the Fitbit app were down.

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