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First Reviews Of PlayStation 5 Emerge From Japan, So What’s The Verdict?

Japanese gamers and tech reviewers are among the first in the world to get their hands on Sony’s new PlayStation 5 – and the verdict is very promising.

Several outlets were able to take a look at the gaming console in the flesh and even played a few games to test its load times and resolution quality.

4Gamer reviewer Yuki Hayashi noted the PS5 is Sony’s biggest console yet with dimensions of 390 mm × 104 mm × 260 mm, with the main body weight about 4.5kg.

Courtesy: 4Gamer

The machine itself, according to Hayashi, is designed with complicated curves which make it look slim from any angle.

“The colour of the main body is two-tone, and there is a logo on the left side when viewed from the front,” Hayashi wrote.

When it comes to gaming, the reviewer noted console warmed up but stayed relatively cool during play.

“As mentioned above, the exhaust was gentle, and I could hardly hear what seemed to be the rotating noise of the fan,” he wrote.

Hayashi played launch title Godfall on the console and mentioned the pleasant feel of the new DualSense controllers, particularly the joysticks. It also appears to have a button for noise cancellation on the bottom.

Courtesy: 4Gamer

“Compared to DUALSHOCK 4, there is no big change in the button layout, but the light bar has moved to the side of the touchpad, and the create button and option button have an angle,” Hayashi also wrote.

Perhaps only in Japan, reviewers also discovered the standard confirm button has been switched to X instead of O.

The PlayStation 5 is set for release on November 12 for $749 for the physical and $599 AUD for the digital edition respectively.

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