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First Look At New Emojis In Apple iOS 14.2 Update

The second beta of Apple’s iOS 14.2 update will include a raft of new emoji characters, including the transgender flag, a gender-neutral Santa Claus and a dodo.

Apple previewed the new collection of emojis as part of World Emoji Day and they will likely be available to users in October or November 2020.

The new collection of characters reflect the Unicode 13, a set of standards released earlier this year by the Unicode Consortium, which sets rules for tech companies using special characters like emoji.

It sets a new benchmark for Apple’s inclusivity in emojis, with characters such as a male bride and the transgender symbol also part of the 14.2 update.

Other characters not yet seen in the emoji family include a man and woman feeding a baby, bubble tea, an olive, capsicum, boomerang and a seal.

The emojis are also included in the latest macOS Big Sur beta releases and are coming to macOS 11 Big Sur in October 2020.

Apple’s 2020 emoji update likely won’t include other leaked characters such as the woman with a beard, a gender neutral “person with a beard” and a heart on fire, which are set to be introduced in 2021.

Tech companies such as Apple and Android have slowly reflected more inclusivity in their emoji updates over the last few years.  In 2015, the Unicode Consortium introduced more skin colour choices instead of the default yellow tone. And in 2016, the rainbow Pride Flag emoji was added.

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