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Uniden Announce New OZ CEO

Uniden Announce New OZ CEO

Uniden has appointed Kaname Hisatsugu as its new CEO for Australia and New Zealand, effective from 01 October.

He will manage Uniden ANZ from the company’s global HQ in Tokyo. Hisatsugu will be responsible for driving growth across key product categories, the company said in a statement.

The newly appointed COO for ANZ, Vic Sacco, will be responsible for management duties locally.

The new role adds to Hisatsugu’s existing management responsibilities with the Uniden group globally.

Hisatsugu joined Uniden in June last as the Group Head of Global Information Centre at Uniden, Tokyo.

By September, he was promoted to Deputy CEO / General Manager at Uniden Corp. Sales Group. He is also Chairman of Uniden America.

Mr Hisatsugu brings a wealth of experience to the role with over 20 years in IT and consulting, with roles at Dell Japan as Senior BDM (Strategic Planning & Implementation), and Fuji Xerox, and has extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region.

“I am honoured to take up the role as CEO of Uniden Australia and New Zealand and am confident my contribution will help drive the company’s growth and success to the next level,” said Hisatsugu.

“Uniden has a strong brand, good relationships with our consumers and a quality team. Uniden’s business environment is experiencing unprecedented evolution and is becoming faster-paced and more competitive.”