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Facebook To Go To Congress, Zuckerberg Goes Surfing

With Instagram under fire about research they conducted and then ignored that shows it can increase depression and anxiety in teen girls, Mark Zuckerberg has taken aim at the New York Times over a video he posted on Facebook of himself surfing.

A story in the NYT alleges that while the Instagram controversy was building, Zuckerberg posted the video of himself riding what they called an “electric surfboard”.

But Zuckerberg shot back. “It’s one thing for the media to say false things about my work, but it’s crossing the line to say I’m riding an electric surfboard when that video clearly shows a hydrofoil that I’m pumping with my own legs,” he posted.

The report in question claims Zuckerberg approved a plan called Project Amplify which called for Facebook to use its news feed to improve their image with posts aimed at promoting positive coverage.

Facebook spokesperson Joe Osborne also fired up, saying the newspaper was trying to “villainise” the platform.

Meanwhile, a source familiar with the Instagram research that found “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls” has agreed to appear before a Congress panel.

Facebook’s global head of safety will also testify.

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