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Facebook Probed On Its Targeted Advertising Practices

US lawmakers are probing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the social media giant’s advertising practices regarding gun accessories and protective equipment.

The group of 23 US House Democrats allege targeted advertisements for gun accessories and similar equipment were shown “next to content that amplified election misinformation” and alongside news about the January 6 Capitol Siege.

“According to recent troubling reports, Facebook ran ads showing gun accessories and protective equipment next to content that amplified election misinformation,” the lawmakers wrote.

“Furthermore, similar advertising was shown next to news about the Capitol siege after January 6. Targeting ads in this way is dangerous and has the potential to encourage acts of violence.”

The lawmakers cited an article from Buzzfeed which reported Facebook had been running inappropriate ads for body armour, gun holsters and other military equipment alongside the insurrection news and election misinformation.

Facebook announced a six-day ban in January on ads which promotes weapon accessories in the wake of the violent Capitol siege. The social media site said it already prohibits advertising for weapons or ammunition.

Facebook has not yet responded to the questions. The lawmaker have asked the company to respond by March 22.


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