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LG To Fix Luminance Overshoot Issue For OLED X Series TVs

Some LG TV owners are being affected by a picture issue being dubbed as Luminance Overshoot.

This is where parts of very dark images containing subtle shadow detailing can seem to ‘pulse’ at times, as the TV fails to settle on a stable brightness level for such near-black image content.

The unanimous input of forum members suggests that the phenomenon affects most if not all of LG’s X Series OLEDs, however the severity of the problem could vary from panel to panel.

LG told Forbes: “We are aiming to have an update to improve the situation for 2020 TVs within a few months.”

It’s a little disconcerting to see the word ‘improve’ as opposed to ’solve’ and it sounds like the fix will be a while in the works. But it’s of some comfort that LG is confident in rectifying the problem, rather than turn the other cheek to claims.

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