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Crestron Launch New Designer Speakers

Teaming up with Origin Acoustics, an award-winning leader in concealed loudspeakers, Crestron Electronics has launched a new range of speakers designed for residential in-wall, in-ceiling, and landscape integration.

Crestron also announced the DM NAX matrix/amplifier and streaming music player for audio-over-IP and native integration with Crestron Home.

“The residential line of architectural and landscape speakers … scales across project sizes to deliver an unmatched home entertainment experience,” John Clancy, Crestron’s VP of Residential said in a statement. “By partnering with Origin Acoustics, we were able combine our expertise to fill an exceptional need in the market with an extraordinary new series of audio products.”

Creston’s new line of speakers made by Origin Acoustics can be categorised as either Reference or Ultimate.

Speakers from the base-level Reference tier are in-ceiling, in-wall, and landscape models, developed with Origin’s patented and smooth-sounding silk tweeters, and glass fibre drivers designed to produce very low distortion.

Speakers from the Ultimate tier are more luxurious, with in-ceiling, in-wall, marine-grade, and landscape models designed for the best available performance and are built with carbon-fibre components and ceramic-coated aluminium tweeters that optimise sound accuracy.