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Facebook Gaming’s Pac-Man Community Brings Back Classic

Always a fun way to waste a few minutes – or hours – classic arcade game Pac-Man has launched on Facebook Gaming with Pac-Man Community, updating the little round bloke and his ghost antagonists for the social media age.

Firmly embedded in popular culture since its 1980 launch, this latest version of the iconic game was developed by Genvid in partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment, and connects players with gaming video creators, viewers and world-builders.

You can play on your own or add to the fun with real-time co-op multiplayer in groups of up to four, competing against each other to get the highest total.

Besides the included mazes, you can make your own levels and challenges with Maze Creator, so you can keep things challenging, and player-created mazes will feature in the game every day.

Plus, there’s a Watch tab where Facebook Gaming creators will stream live, and viewers can interact directly to pick a side and power-up the AI Pac-Man or ghosts against each other.

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