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CES 2022 Revs Up To Become Major Auto Show

CES 2022 will see over 185 vehicle exhibitors showcasing their wares, including BMW, Luminar, Volvo, and Hyundai.

Qualcomm Automotive, Bosch, Aptiv, Waymo, Daimler and numerous others will be exhibiting auto tech, while fully-autonomous last-mile delivery concept vehicles will tussle for attention among the usual consumer electronics the event is known for.

Luminar Technologies and Volvo will hold a joint press conference, to showcase Volvo’s Concept Recharge with Luminar’s Iris lidar integrated into the roofline, which will be standard in Volvo’s next generation full-electric SUV.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra will deliver a keynote address, after which the company will unveil its new Chevrolet Silverado BEV.

Topping all this will be an autonomous race-car challenge at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on January 7, in which five driver-less cars will battle it out at high speeds.

EuroRacing from Italy, Switzerland and Poland; KAIST from South Korea; MIT-PITT-RW from the U.S. and Canada; PoliMOVE from Italy; and TUM Autonomous Motorsport from Germany will all compete for a $1 million prize.

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