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Facebook Confirms More Original TV Shows

Facebook is ramping up production of original TV programming with the announcement of two new shows.

Both of the new series revealed in a report by Deadline fall into the reality genre. ‘Returning the Favor’ is hosted by Mike Rowe, best known as the host of the Discovery Channel show ‘Dirty Jobs’.

In the show, Rowe will travel around the US talking to valuable members of the community. He previewed an episode on Facebook which featured a motorcycle mechanic helping war veterans.

A second untitled project will feature retired basketball player LaVar Ball and his family, including his son LA Lakers player Lonzo Ball. No further information about the number of length of episodes for either show has been announced.

With an audience of over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has been expanding its push to launch original shows on its platform, and is reportedly hoping to launch its first shows by mid-year.

The social media site is also reportedly offering studios and agencies up to $4 million per episode for the development of original TV shows. These shows are said to be broadly targeting users aged 13-34, and more specifically the 17-30 age group.

A recent survey revealed over 90% of TV viewers aged 18-34 streamed at least some of the content they watch.

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