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Facebook Announces Messenger for Business

Facebook has released a messenger customer chat plugin for company’s websites allowing customers to communicate with employees.

It is available globally in open beta. Facebook says with this plugin customers can transition back and forth seamlessly without losing the conversation history and context.

Earlier this month Facebook released the closed beta and says it has received many positive responses from its dev community. Facebook has released instructions on how to install it also with tips on how to use it to your advantage.

Facebook has listed a number of websites where the plugin has already been installed including, Air France, Argos, Aviva (Eurofil), KLM, Mermaid Pillow, Spoqa, Total Activation, Volaris and Zalando.

The company says some of the brands listed above are already working with third party customer care providers such as Conversocial, Servicefriend and Gorgias, who are enabling businesses to configure page visibility settings, welcome messages and more. ShopMessage has developed a free app for businesses using Shopify to install customer chat in seconds.

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