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Panasonic’s CES Roar: OLED UHD TV & UHD Tablet

Samsung and LG have impressed us with their OLED televisions and their Ultra High Definition (UHD) sets, but in one swift move Panasonic has kicked them out of the limelight by combining the best of both technologies in one 56 inch television.

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During the CES keynote given by Panasonic president Kazuhiro Tsuha, Panasonic announced the “world’s first” 56 inch Ultra High Definition television with an OLED panel, made possible by their electronic printing technology. Although we’ve seen the unparalleled colour, brightness and contrast OLED televisions have to offer, the experience has been confined to trade show floors as currently none of them are present in the market.

OLED was the talk of CES 2012—and this year’s show too—but vendors have struggled to manufacture the technology in large numbers. However, Panasonic claims their printing method ensures the process of placing OLED elements on a panel is economical and consistent as they use a “print head” to apply individual red, green and blue materials to the panel’s sub-layer.

Combined with the exceptional 3,840-by-2,560 resolution of Ultra High Definition, this endowed OLED television has enough punch to remind the world over Panasonic is an industry leader.

Further asserting this contention is an Ultra High Definition tablet unveiled by Panasonic. The Windows 8 tablet spans 20 inches and, according to PCMag.com, has been specifically designed for photographers, engineers, architects and other professionals.

Panasonic may have proven they can engineer a UHD OLED television and a UHD tablet, but their efforts will be a wasted whisper if they fail to bring them to market. Unfortunately the company failed to reveal if, when, where and how much these cutting-edge prototypes will cost.