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CES 2013: LG Moves Into Smart Home


We’ve heard of Smart TVs and phones but now LG are smarting out home appliances with SmartControl apps, enabling users to start the washing machine, check the fridge, have the floor vacuumed without being at home.

The giant is showing off its smart-er home credentials at CES in Vegas this week, with upgrades to its smart appliances tools and unleashing 100 smart appliances this year, it says, most of which run Android OS.

Here’s some of our favourites:

Smart Refrigerator

LG’s smart refrigerator has a LCD screen that lets you check what’s inside without opening the door.

LG ‘Smart Manager’ recommends recipies based on which ingredients are in the refrigerator, which can then be sent to LG’s smart oven.

Owners can view a list of what’s in their fridge directly from the supermarket on their iPhone or Android mobile.

A Smart Washing Machine with Wi-Fi

Wahing machine connected the the Net allows you to download new washing cycle programs. Wash cycles can also be started or paused directly through a Smart TV.

Smart Robotic Vacuum

It’s the vacuum with a Wi-Fi connection; users can remotely schedule LG Smart Roboking to clean their home at any time.

You can also control it with a smartphone using voice control. It also allows owners to speak to family members at home. Pretty cool.

The Roboking’s camera eye also doubles as a remote home surveillance system.

Smarter Oven With a WiFi connection

Monitor the status of ovens, search for recipes, set cooking modes and diagnose problems.

Other smarts LG are pursuing at CES this week include: Smartshare which connects all home appliances and has an integrated content view which lists all files located on each connected device, whether its a washing machine, fridge or TV.

  LG SmartShare application lets users share content like photos, videos and other content stored on a smartphone or laptop with their Smart TV and you can instantly transfer content from one device to another thanks to NFC tagging.

“This year at CES, LG will demonstrate their most advanced, convenience-enhancing smart home appliances,” said Phillip Anderson, LG Australia, Head of PR.

 “While currently only available in Korea, LG’s upgraded smart technology gives users the ability to control their appliances, no matter where they are.”

“LG’s enhanced device-to-device connectivity also offers incredible convenience, as the user can control and monitor household appliances through their TV while still watching their favorite show. “