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NBN ‘Call Me’ Centre Hits Goldie

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NBN Co announced its new customer contact centre will be located at Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast and will begin taking calls in the second half of this year.

The centre will play an important role in communicating how the high speed fibre broadband network is being built and advise householders/business how to move across from older infrastructure to the NBN.

“The new centre will handle the anticipated escalation in NBN queries from the general public, property developers and builders now that the company has begun large-scale rollout of Australia’s largest infrastructure project,” said NBN Co’s Head of Quality Mike Kaiser, yesterday.

As NBN Co and contractors start the construction and installation phase of the network rollout across Australia, a dedicated centre is needed to manage inquiries and “respond to the great interest in the project,” he added.

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Figures released yesterday show in the six months to 31 December 2011, the NBN Co received a total of 12,692 contacts from customers at its existing call facility.

Of that number, 11,733 were enquiries, 878 were complex enquiries and 81 were complaints.

“While NBN Co is not directly selling broadband services to homeowners and businesses the customer centre will support the work of the retail service providers who will have the ongoing relationship with their customers,” said Kaiser.

NBN Co’s fibre optic service is currently delivering broadband to 18,200 premises nationally, including 3000 in Townsville.

NBN Co recently announced its three-year rollout plan which is expected to see construction underway in areas covering over 678,600 premises across Queensland by June 2015, including around 80,000 on the Gold Coast.

The NBN Gold Coast centre may employ up to 130 people.