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EXCLUSIVE:Premium Philips TV”s With Bowers & Wilkins Sound Set To Be Launched In OZ

Philips premium TV’s could be back in all their glory complete with built in Bowers & Wilkins sound, the only problem is that retailers are not certain that there is a market for what is tipped to be an expensive TV.

According to Jason Oh the local sales director of TP Vision the global manufacturer and distributor of Philips TV’s monitors and commercial display systems in Australia, he is still waiting on samples of the new Philips premium TV’s which he told ChannelNews back in November were coming to Australia.

“No there are coming” he assured us this week.

“To sell Philips TV’s in Australia we need the premium TV range and I am working on that.

Due to COVID-19 my sample stock has been delayed but we will have the new Philips TV’s with the Bowers & Wilkins speakers in the market this year”.

When asked what other new Philips TV’s were coming, he said that there would be a new “mid-range” this year.

Among the potential premium products is the Philips 9435 LED 4K UHD and Philips 9235 LED 4K UHD sets as well as an OLED TV that will each come with an integrated Bowers and Wilkins sound system.

ChannelNews understands that Tempo the distributor of Philips ‘value’ TV’s rejected the notion of distributing the premium range after discussions with retailers who believed that there was a limited market and pricing issues.

Late last year Tempo showed retailers a 55” Philips OLED TV it never made it into stores as it was seen as being too expensive.

Earlier this year TP Vision announced two new Android TVs with integrated B&W sound systems including a compact, 43in model.

Among the range was a 9435 model with a direct LED backlight (Philips refers to this as ‘DLED’). Pricing and availability for the 9435 and 9235 models have yet to be revealed despite being announced and shown to media in Europe back in January.

TV Reviewer John Archer said that Heading up the newly announced Philips 2020 models will be 805 and 855 OLED TVs. These TV’s were scheduled to be available from May in 55 and 65-inch sizes in Europe, he said that (there’s still no sign of a Philips 77-inch OLED), the 805 and 855s will be the first OLED models to benefit from the fourth generation of Philips’ P5 processing system.

This combines the processing power and extensive picture enhancement features of Philips’ third-generation P5 system with new Artificial Intelligence functionality.

The AI element means, essentially, that neural networks and machine learning have been used to analyse millions of picture quality test clips, creating a database of knowledge that the latest Philips OLED TVs can use to better figure out how to handle different sorts of content they come across in the real world.

At IFA ChannelNews was told that the cost of including Australian tuners in these TV’s and getting them certified for the Australian market was at that stage “A problem” with one source claiming that there are concerns over the low volume of orders TP Vision would get out of the Australian market Vs the expense of configuring premium models.

Earlier this year Panasonic who has competed in the Australian TV market announced that they were pulling out due to poor sales and concerns over pricing volatility.

In the UK, the Philips TV with Bowers & Wilkins speakers are available in 55in and 65in variants they also have Dolby Vision and HDR10+ are both on board and are powered by Philips’s existing P5 Perfect Picture Processing Engine.

The B&W sound system is more or less a soundbar that also acts as the TV’s pedestal stand.

According to Oh an ex Tempo product manager, TP Vision is “serious” about the Australian market with the Company set to sell product direct to retailers.

He said that he was the one who “stuck is hand up” to retain Tempo as the distributor in the value market “They are the best in this market he said”.

He also claimed that TP Vision was doing well in the monitor and commercial display market and that these markets were also growing for TP Vision.


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