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EXCLUSIVE:New Hand Built OLED Loewe TV’s With Pop Out Soundbar & 2TB Drive Revealed

Days after the launch a brand-new range of TV’s aimed at the millennial market German TV Company Loewe, the Company that invented the first TV has rolled out a premium range of Bild S & V models that are hand built with certain models having a pop out soundbar.

The big difference this time round is the European designed and manufactured TV’s are set to be sold by both The Good Guys and an expanded specialist channel.

Earlier this month the Germany Company who found a new lease on life after a major injection of capital and the introduction of new management released the new “WE. by Loewe” branding now the Company is rolling out several new award-winning premium models.

They include the Loewe bild s.77.

The Bild S is a progression on the older BILD 7 series and the Bild V is set to replace the previous Bild 5 models.

The new TV’s come with OLED display including numerous user-friendly features such as the Loewe OS and the integrated 2TB dr+ hard disk that is built into the TV. Also impressive is the new built in speaker array.

The Bild S & V OLED models are “Made in Germany” in Kronach, Franconia.

Unlike most mass production TV’s, the Loewe Bild S & V models are hand built with the new designers featuring sharper and more prominent edge designs due to the introduction of new metal fabrication capabilities.

The new TV’s have their own unique Loewe OS 6.4 operating system, which delivers app compatibility, advanced Loewe dr+ streaming functions and unique programming and recording capabilities.

All of the “S” model features will have an integrated Loewe dr+ hard disk (2TB) and support simultaneous recording of two broadcasts at the same time.

Programming is set intuitively via the EPG or activated with a single button press on the remote control. Loewe’s new top models also support permanent time-shift television via Time shift.

Paul Riachi Director of the Indi Group the exclusive distributors of the new TV said “It’s a testament to the management team and speed in which Loewe Germany have turned around the operations in developing a new high-performance Television”

These TV’s are truly unique as they deliver new engineering techniques and materials not yet used or seen before in a premium TV”.

surprise the competition. INDI Groups’ aim is to make the new S & V series true premium competitors. The fact they are made in Germany and utilizing the world’s best materials to perform high video and sound levels, I think all will be impressed”

The Loewe Bild S.77, V.65 & V.55 come with a new SL5 chassis, SX8 Quad Core processor and are available in 77″, 65″ and 55-inch sizes.

Exclusive to the Bild S.77, is the introduction of new kinematics and Loewe Magic Moment audio technology.

This technology automatically lifts the display when activated and allows a view of a brand new highly sonorous soundbar.

Equipped with ten forward-facing drivers and a total output of 120 watts, its audio capabilities have been described as the best there is out there in a premium TV with built in soundbars.

The TV’s also support Mimi Defined™ this is a smart technology that analyses the audio material in real-time and adapts it to the user’s hearing profile.

The back of the large-format Loewe TV can be covered with the Loewe smart cover in exclusive graphite grey.

This gives the device a stylish 360-degree design characterized by timeless elegance and allows it to be placed anywhere in a room claims Loewe.

The Loewe Bild S.77, V.65, V.55 will be available in Australia beginning of Quarter 2 pricing has not been announced.

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