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EXCLUSIVE: Huawei Service Shocker Exposed, Questionable Partner

Huawei Australia’s consumer division who are responsible for the sale of questionable smartphones in Australia is now cuddling up to Happytel, a reseller and repairer who have been slammed for their past employment and service practises.

Larking Huang, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer in Australia said, “Our customers come first, and we are excited to partner with Happytel to ensure Huawei consumers have peace of mind and the convenience of Happytel nationwide authorised service centres.”

What Huawei missed out of their glowing Happytel press releases was the fact that Huawei and Happytel has been highly criticised for “poor service” and Happytel for the past work practises.

Also missing was the fact that the Fairwork Ombudsman has in the past forced Happytel to revamp its workplace practices after they found that overseas workers at the mobile repairer have been underpaid.

Happytel Retail Group operates repair 60 stores in malls in Australia and New Zealand.

Happytel Retail Group, three of its associated companies and two members of the Ryu family, which control the Happytel network agreed to donate a total of $7500 to the Asian Women at Work community group following the last investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

They were also forced to take a series of measures to ensure future compliance as part of enforceable undertakings (EUs) entered into with the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The Company is still advertising for Koreans who have a 6-month working visa to work for the Company.

See Here:

Independent web site Trust Pilot claims 72% of 483 people who wrote a review about Huewei rated their commitment to service and support as “Bad”.

Dotty Thomas claimed that Huawei delivered “terrible customer service”.

She said that she was a given a price for a repair, when she came to pick up the device management claimed she was never given a quote, “Ridiculously unhappy with the customer service with Huawei and Happytel” she wrote.

Jan Orks wrote Worst ever experience I’ve ever had with after sales”.

I’m 1 year into a 2-year contract on a Huawei P20. 5 weeks ago, the software on my phone failed completely and it was sent for repair. Despite numerous phone calls both with Huawei and the repair agent, I still have no phone. The agent say they can’t locate the software failure, Huawei say they can’t authorise a replacement unless the agent say the phone is un-repairable. I will never ever have a Huewei phone again”.

“No paying customer should ever endure what I have had to” The service Company was Happytel.

Anna 35 wrote “Bad, bad customer service. I had a problem with a product, and it took me three months to solve it. Probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced”.

Huawei has also been accused of false advertising one reviewer wrote “I upgraded my contract on 15 March 2019 and took a Huawei phone which was advertised with a ‘promotional watch’. I have called and messaged numerous time to follow up on the delivery of the ‘promotional watch'”

“No one phones back, no one can advise on the delivery of the watch. The service is shocking!!!

A Mahmood wrote on the same site “Don’t buy these crap phones you won’t get any support from this company in case of any issue which I’m going through no support and definitely will never buy this piece of brick again not worth even one star”.

More on Happytel and Huawei can be found here.

It also appears that Happytel is getting access to information relating to consumers who actually buy a Huawei smartphone

A visit to the Huewei experience web site which has an official Huewei masthead reveals that Happytel is not only being given confidential information but access to consumer information and may even be responsible for managing Huawei’s database.

What is not known is whether a customer who buys a Huewei smartphone at JB Hi Fi or Harvey Norman ends up on a Happytel database.

See full statement here.


On Friday Happytel Director, Elizabeth Ryu claimed: “Happytel has a strong commitment to service, solution and experience. Partnering with Huawei was an easy decision to make with such aligned values.”

A visit to Whirlpool raises serious questions as to the way that Happytel is run, their management structure and the way that people are employed at the Company where current and former staff have raised serious concerns on the Whirlpool forum.

See comments here:


Neither Huawei nor Happytel have commented for this story.

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