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EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Norman Selling New $899 TCL Glasses With 140″ TV Display

TCL Mobile, which is under new management in Australia, have killed off their long time NRL sponsorship of the popular South Sydney Rabbitohs, they have also exclusively launched at Harvey Norman online, their radical new $899 TCL NXTWear G glasses that deliver a massive 140″ display which make watching NRL games a big experience.

The glasses that were revealed last month by TCL management in China look like a normal pair of sunglasses, but when you hook them up to content you get a 140″ display plus and built-in speakers that sit either side of your ears.

You can also connect them up to a notebook or mobile phone and they automatically are recognised as an external display similar to a TV.

The only problem is that they still don’t work with the new TCL 5G Pro smartphone.

Users can now walk round the house watching Netflix or Foxtel Go via the new glasses.

Harvey Norman customers are being offered free access to Optus Sports streaming however the deal has to redeemed in 30 days.

When we went to the tclredemption.com.au web site mentioned on the Harvey Norman web site we could not find any information about the Optus offer.

TCL’s new wearable display-glasses aren’t VR, or AR there simple a wearable display that are designed to plug into external devices however there are very few products at this stage that work with the glasses according to US reviewers who have done hands on reviews of the new TCL offering.

The NXTWear G glasses are compatible with DisplayPort Alternative-enabled USB-C/Thunderbolt devices, and that means not every Android phone or tablet will work it also does not work with the Nintendo Switch.

TCL’s reviewer’s guide lists a wide range of compatible devices.

There are Android phones, including most of Samsung’s, going back to the Galaxy S8, plus many phones made by Asus, Razer, HTC, Sony, Razer, LG, Oppo, OnePlus and even the Blackberry Key 2.

It’s also compatible with tons of Windows laptops, the Apple MacBook Air and Pro models, the iPad Pro (with USB-C/Thunderbolt ports) and Google Chromebooks (the Pixelbook, Pixel Slate and Pixelbook Go, plus models by HP, Acer and others).

The new glasses deliver 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution at 60Hz. They come with three swappable nose tips

The frames are fairly thick and weigh 130 grams, they fold up like regular sunglasses.

Communication to a smartphone or PC is via an attached cable that you have to plug into a device.

TCL has not said whether they are set to do a wireless version.

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