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EXCLUSIVE:Distributor Moves To Direct Sell & Retailers “Love It”

Melbourne based distributor Interdyn is rolling out a direct sell model that benefits both Interdyn and retailers who sell their Pro-Ject turntables via a new click and collect model that earn retailers hefty percentages of the sale price.

The Company who has dusted off the www.projectaudio.com.au web site is now loading it up with a range of new turntables including the popular Pro-Ject Juke Box E system which is being sold by JB Hi Fi.

[Interdyn Brand – Pro-Ject Audio Systems]

Retailers that ChannelNews have spoken to like the idea as “It brings customers into stores” said Sydney based Len Wallis.

It also means that retailers can collect the names and contact details of consumers buying a Pro-Ject turntable.

In a letter to dealers Sam Encel a director at Interdyn said “For several years now, this website has been a great resource for customers doing their research on turntables and finding retail partners to visit. The store locator has been one of our most-visited pages apart from the homepage.

In the past we’ve had Box Design products and accessories available to purchase at retail price from the website. As of this week you’ll also see a selection of entry-level turntables in this mix, which may also include end-of-line or overstock items where specialists have not shown demand.

He went on to spell out the new ‘Click and Collect’ service.

“For non-runout items that a customer can purchase from the Pro-Ject website, they now have the option of collecting their choice of product from a local dealer” he said.

Consumers who visit the site will automatically be presented with a list of their three closest stores based on the nominated postcode.

Interdyn will handle collection of the payment from the customer, and then pay retailers commission direct into their Interdyn account.

Encel told ChannelNews “There are no additional stock-hold or eligibility requirements with Interdyn shipping the goods directly to the store after the order has been placed”.

One Melbourne based retailer said “I love the concept; we are close to a railway station and consumers will be able to pick up from us and we make good margin for doing nothing other than fulfilling an order. This could be the future for some retailers as it reduces the level of stock we have to carry”.

Encel concluded “I’m hoping that this will prove to be a new stream of customers, many of which will not have purchased anything from the brand at all if the option didn’t exist. Once you have these customers in store, it’ll be a great opportunity for you to build an ongoing personal relationship with them”.

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