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EXCLUSIVE: Revolvers That Mimic A Smith & Wesson Magnum, Being Offered For Sale Online In OZ

European gun sellers are openly targeting Australians offering handguns and bullets online to anyone who can prove that they are over 18.

During the past month I have received three emails from a Portugese based Company selling revolvers that mimic a Smith & Wesson Cal.357 magnum, the sale price is around $2,500.

I have never visited their web site in the past or solicited any direct response material from this organisation.

The weapons being offered to me are manufactured in Taiwan and are are posted Internationally by a Company called ParedeSports, whose only conditions of sale for the revolver was the production of a document such as a license or passport that shows that the person ordering the guns are 18.

The Company does not need to see an orginal document other than an emailed or faxed copy of a passport or other form of idenification document which we believe can be easily changed using Photoshop.

The Company claims on their web site that the shipped weapon “Is not a hunting weapon. It is intended for the practice of shooting sports”.

One condition states that “It can not be transported by spare parts and without proper packing in the original carton or appropriate case”.

The Company is also selling Stun guns that are described as being ideal for “Personal Defence”  as well as an abundance of ammunition. 

The Power 200 electroshock delivers an electric impulse with a maximum duration of 10 seconds, after the power That Time 200 is deactivated, Requiring a new activation.

Also being offered for sale in Australia is a Glock 17 blowback Cal.4,5mm (.177). It’s described as perfect replica of the famous Glock 17, favored by a large majority of marksmen. Operation of CO2 and polymer metallic body, such as the real gun. The charger may take up to 18 cal spheres. 4.4 mm.

The description for one revolver is:

Full-function CO2 metal turret, with visuals to mimic a Smith & Wesson Cal.357 magnum.

– 5cm / 2.5 ”

– Drum for 6 spheres cal. 4.5mm.

– Weight: 906grs without co2 and without beads.

– Total length: 20cm.

– Speed ​​at the exit of the pipe: 100 m / s.

– Manufactured in Taiwan.

– Includes sack of 100 spheres

– 2 year warranty.

The email is written in portugese but a simple click on their web site convers the text into English.

The devices could be easily shipped to a European address and then onshipped onto Australia in a Shipping container or other form of freight. The Company offers ‘free shipping’.