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EXCLUSIVE: Loewe Goes After Samsung With All New Twin Processor TV

European TV brand Loewe has finally announced the availability of their all-new award winning bild i OLED TVs for the Australian market after initial delays in stock deliveries.

The new Loewe models will be available at The Good Guys and specialist dealers from February 1st, 2022 they include an all new new twin proccessor system.

The range, which is manufactured in Germany, includes the Loewe bild i.65 / bild is.65, bild i.55, bild is.55 and a new bild i.48.

Apart from their new fabric-covered rear panel, Loewe has reengineered the overall TV.

On board is a brand-new chassis and 2 processors, one for apps and smart TV management and another for visual and audio processing.

They are one of the first TV brands to deliver twin quad core processors in a TV.

Distributed by Melbourne based Indi Imports, CEO Paul Riachi said, “This is really the very 1st of the new look Loewe OLED TV that have been re-designed from the ground up”.

He said that “When combined with the new Loewe SL7 chassis, the powerful NT7 processor and new os7 software consumers are getting not only excellent European design but a TV that houses cutting edge technology complete with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos”.

Built in are four HDMI inputs with functions such as eARC, HFR, ALLM and four USB ports and the os7 software ensures super-fast access to all current and natively integrated streaming services.

Another plus is that it now only takes four seconds to turn on a Loewe bild i TV due to the fast processor.

Unlike most other TV’s standard gear built in includes an integrated hard disk recorder Loewe dr+ and 1 TB of hard disk space, making it easy to record TV shows.

The Loewe remote control has also been completely redesigned and now comes with an integrated voice assistant, Bluetooth and direct buttons for numerous streaming services including Netflix and YouTube.

The newly designed, easy-to-read Loewe home screen shows all important content and an almost limitless selection of entertainment options at a glance.

The Winner of the iF Design Awards last year the Loewe bild i has two concealed integrated speakers with 40 watts of total music power – ensuring invisible but perfectly audible sound.

Also built into this TV is the Loewe klang bar i with eight powerful drivers and 80 watts of total music power ensures impressive stereo sound radiating to the front.

It discreetly blends in with the underside and rear panel of the display and emphasizes the elegant design of the television.

The Loewe can also be combined with a new Loewe klang sub5 modular subwoofer which can be upgraded to a complete all-in-one home cinema system.

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