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EXCLUSIVE: Ken Dwyer Linked Company Snares RTI Controls More Announcements Due

Automation Control Company RTI has sacked several distributors in Australia, Singapore along with their European distributor Vivateq, in Australia and New Zealand the rights appear to have been handed to Connected Media a Company directly linked to former Audio Products Australia CEO Ken Dwyer.

Dwyer, who was a significant shareholder in Ambertech was recently tipped to be moving to take over the struggling distribution Company but gave up on this exercise to concentrate on building a new distribution Company spanning the Pro AV and custom install markets.

He is also listed as a Non-Executive Director at Hills Industries, who at one stage had a “no compete” clause in his Hills contract that some observers claim resulted in him having to sell down his shareholding in Ambertech.

ChannelNews has not been able to contact Dwyer, but we have been told that he is set to renter the custom install and Pro AV markets in Australia,  after selling his Audio Products Groups consumer business to Melbourne based Qualifi. The year prior to the sale it’s believed that the consumer business that sold Denon, Marantz, Boston Acoustics and TV brand Loewe’s products had losses of close to $1M.

He later sold the commercial side of APG to Hills indistries for a reported $18M.

US Based Company RTI, whose products are currently distributed by Queensland based Avation, is tipped to announce the appointment of new distributors tomorrow. Meanwhile Connect Media is set to announce that they have securted several other brands for the Australian market.

ChannelNews understands that the press release lists the head office of Connected Media listed as Sydney where Dwyer is based.

We have also been told by RTI Sources that Connected Multimedia have secured the rights for both Australia and New Zealand.

Carey Dixon is listed as a shareholder of Connect Media in New Zealand he was the former National Sales Manager of the Ken Dwyer owned Audio Products Group.

Ken Dwyer

ChannelNews has also been told that Hills Industries General Manager Gerrit Ryan who is an ex APG product manager for Wyrestorm handed in his notice and his last working day was May 31st May.

The CEO of Avation Mark Hamilton is currently overseas according to his staff.

Avation were responsible for restoring the fortunes of the RTI band in Australia after it struggled to gain traction, as new forms of control run over Bluetooth and Wi Fi networks started to get traction in the custom install and Pro AV markets.

Sources linked with Greg Revell the Director of International Business, Asia Pacific Region for Remote Technologies Incorporated / ProControl, have confirmed that Revell held recent discussions with Gerrit Ryan re the appointment of Connect Multimedia.

Revell who failed to grow the RTI Controls business in Australia was General Manager of RTI Control from 2004 to 2008.

Greg Revell addresses RTI meeting

After RTI Controls was shut down due to heavy losses Revell teamed up with Mojo Works Asia, a business that invested in the failed RTI business in Australia.

During the past past 2 months Greg Revell has also fired Rti distributor in China, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, Brazil and South Africa, he fired and replaced them all with Minsdstec a Company with whome he has a close relationship with the directors of the Company, according to RCI insiders.
One RTI Insider said that Greg Revell “Is vurtually running RTI outside of the USA despite having failed when he was running the business in Australia”.

Both Ken Dwyer, Carey Dixon, or Mark Hamilton were not available to comment for this story.

From an earlier interview with Avation ChannelNews unstood that the RTI business in Australia was “growing significantly” with double digit growth under Avation managment, last year it was worth several million in revenues to the Queensland based distributor.