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EXCLUSIVE: John Winning To Advise Narta On Amazon’s Next Move

Following his recent appointment as Narta’s Non-Executive Director, Winning Group CEO, John Winning, has revealed he’ll be advising the buying group on a range of matters including “feeding” information on “Amazon’s next move”.

As part of his position at Narta, Winning affirms that a large portion of his responsibilities will concern an analysis of industry trends, including the actions of Amazon:

“A big part of my role and the value I believe I can add, will be feeding to Narta what I believe Amazon’s next move will be, and where the market is headed as a whole”

“I spend a lot of time looking at trends overseas and understanding customers expectations as they evolve, and I think much of Appliances Online and Winning Appliances‘ success has come from adapting to customers’ expectation, right before it changes”.

Mr Winning affirms that Amazon will have a “huge positive impact” on Australia’s retail landscape, adding that it will force many local retailers to “lift their game”:

“I believe that they [Amazon] will make shoppers aware of the ease of buying online, and I think the general population will start to make shopping online a regular part of their shopping”

“I also feel that they will force many retailers to lift their game”

He also agrees with many market commentators, stating that the e-commerce giant will not be afraid of pursuing aggressive pricing, forcing under-performing retailers to innovate and revamp their competitive strategy:

“I think that for too long Australia has had ‘me too’ retailers that really have no difference from each other than the name, logo, price and location of their stores”.

“Without doubt Amazon will change this, as they are about to be everyone’s closest retailer – as they will be in your pocket – and they will absolutely be the cheapest if they need to be, and will have pretty good service to match”.

With the future of Narta sometimes critiqued by market commentators, Mr Winning states that his decision to join the buying group stems from a desire to “lead by example”, backed by the breadth of his business experience:

“I feel that I will add a point of view that is unique to other members, given my age, and unique balance of both technology and specialist retail”

“I am very opinionated, and I was raised that it’s not good enough to just speak your mind, without being willing to back that up, by rolling the sleeves up and leading by example”.

Some industry players have speculated whether Mr Winning’s involvement with Narta will cause him to step away from other business interests, however, he has affirmed that his duties will be largely mutually beneficial:

“It will obviously impact from a time perspective, as there are only so many hours in the day, and time spent focusing on Narta, is time not spent focusing on our other businesses”

“However if I can add the value that I believe I can, then our businesses will benefit just the same ways as all member retailers will”

“I am really excited about being influential on not only our businesses, but the industry in Australia as a whole, as Narta is such a significant part of the industry”.


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