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Aussies Unimpressed With Amazon Launch

With the launch of US online behemoth Amazon in Australia overnight, you’d expect consumers to be overjoyed to get cheap products. With the launch has come a few deals to entice more people to its site – such as free shipping for purchases over $49 – but not everyone is happy with the Aussie arm.

One benefit to Amazon in the US is its Prime service where you get free express shipping and its streaming service but that won’t launch at least until next year if all. A number of people are letting off steam via Twitter with one user calling it a ‘waste of time’. Other users aren’t pleased with its price and are weary of 3rd party shipping.

Consumers have also pointed out that there is not that much of a difference between prices with Amazon Australia and Aussie retailers.

Another downside Lifehacker has picked up is Amazon Australia’s range of smartphones are more expensive compared to retailers. For example, the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB retails in Australia for $1229 but on Amazon Australia you get it for $1399. So if you walk into an Apple store, you’re saving $170 compared to Amazon Australia.

Consumers are also frustrated Amazon Australia is not selling its own name brand products such as the Echo.

Retailers, don’t stress out too much today, it seems as if Amazon Australia is not high on consumer’s Christmas shopping lists.

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