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EXCLUSIVE: Gag Order ‘Rejected’ The Crest Company Owner, Charged With Raping 12 Year Old Girl

An application to Gag ChannelNews, from revealing the name of a well known, industry executive who was charged with the rape of a 12-year-old girl, and whose Company is a major supplier to JB Hi Fi, The Good Guys and Big W has been ‘rejected’ by a Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Lawyers acting for Dirk Olbertz who describes himself as a director and founder of The Crest Company were unsuccessful earlier today when they applied for a permanent gag order at Sandgate Magistrates Court in Brisbane after getting an interim order last week.

Dirk Olbertz left seen with CEO of The Crest Company Mike Edgson, and Ralph Olbertz.

 Big Ducatti motorbikes, for The Crest Company Executives

A Court offical told ChannelNews ‘The application for non-publication was dismissed’.

Their primary objective in trying to obtain a gag order, was to prevent ChannelNews revealing his identity, claiming the evidence against him was “uncontested”.

Back on the 21st of September Olbertz was charged by Queensland Police with three offences relating to the rape of a female under 16 years of age and ‘indecent treatment of girls under 16 years of age.

ChannelNews understands that that girl was 14 years old when the offence took place.

Oner of the founders of Brisbane based distributor The Crest Company Olbertz told ChannelNews that he was “not guilty” and that the charges will “Shortly go away” he described the charges as “Bullshit”.

Shortly after ChannelNews exclusively broke the news of the charges against Olbertz, lawyers acting for him demanded that we take the story down.

We refused, some time later the interim injunction was obtained.

We also became aware that shortly after we revealed the charges, he called a family meeting telling attendees that he was “innocent”.

The Crest Company is a business name only with the business owned by a Trust. Executives of that Trust are brothers Ralph and Dirk Olbertz.

Back in 2011 and 2012 Dirk Olbertz was the owner of the Noosa North Shore Resort as well as The Crest Company who at one stage got a gag order on a former employee who quit the Company to take a role with a competitor to The Crest Company.
The Crest Company is an Australian owned consumer electronics business that has been providing Australians with the latest innovative tech for over 40 years.

. The company develops, markets and distributes more than one thousand entertainment and technology accessories, such as wall mounts, power boards, and cables.

They are also responsible for house brand products at JB Hi Fi and among the brands they sell are:
• Asena Gaming
• Bon Voyage
• Crest Platinum
• Décord
• Influencer
• Jolt
• Liquid Ears
• Lycan Gaming
• TechXtras
• Tool Guardian
• SimpliMount
• Vonmahlen

The company is based in Brisbane, Australia, with international offices in the Philippines and China.
The CEO of the business is Mike Edgson who told ChannelNews last week that he was not aware of the charges.
He also claimed that Olbertz was no longer involved in the business despite both Dirk and Ralph Olbertz being the principle owners of The Crest Company.

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