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EXCLUSIVE Crest Company Executive Dirk Olbertz Committed For Trial On Rape Of 12 Year Old Charges

Dirk Olbertz, a director of Brisbane based The Crest Company has been committed for trial for the alleged rape of a 12 year old girl after a review of the case by the Queensland Director Of Prosecution.

Olbertz whose family control the business that is a major supplier to CE retailers including the likes of Big W, JB Hi Fi and Bunnings was charged last year with 2 x indecent treatment of girls Under 16, and one of rape of a 12 year old, he claims he is innocent.

Following the review by the DP the 57 year old Olbertz, has been remanded to the Brisbane District Court for mention on 27th of August 2024 when a trial date is expected to be set.

Dirk Olbertz right, a major shareholder in entities that own The Crest Company

If found guilty he is facing a lengthy prison sentence.

In Queensland where the child is under 12 years old, the adult is guilty of a crime that carries a 20 years maximum imprisonment crime. If the child is above 12 years, the offending adult is guilty of a crime that carries 14 years imprisonment.

When he was first charge Olbertz told ChannelNews that “It was all a beat up” and the issue would “Go away”.

This was despite an extensive investigation by Queensland Police prior to the laying of charges.

The rape victim who ChannelNews spoke to claimed that she had intention of dropping the case.

The incident took place at a Orbitz family New Years Eve party.

The Crest Company Management have tried to distance himself telling ChannelNews that he is no longer involved in the business and is not a director.

Australian Securities & Investment Commission documents show that he is a major shareholder of entities that own the distributor.

Emails sent to ChannelNews list him as a director.

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