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Asus Unveils New W7 ROG Rapture Gaming Router

Asus ROG Rapture GT-BE19000 gaming router

At the recently concluded Computex 2024 earlier this month, Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) announced its new ROG Rapture GT-BE19000 tri-band WiFi 7 gaming router.

Asus claims that it delivers speeds of up to 19 Gbps due to WiFi 7 features like 320 MHz channels, 4096-QAM, and Multi-Link Operation.

Asus also claims this to be the world’s first gaming router with Automatic Frequency Coordination – AFC automatically checks the WiFi environment and chooses the least congested channel in the 6 GHz band, which reportedly boosts peak transmit power by up to 63 times higher than Low Power Indoor networking devices.

The GT-BE19000 also provides up to 31 Gbps of wired capacity, including dual 10 Gb Ethernet and quad 2.5 Gb Ethernet ports.

The Guest Network Pro – an ASUS-exclusive network segmentation technology – in the GT-BE19000 also includes a Gaming Network. The Gaming Network combines all gaming features into a single SSID, sparing gamers the need to configure each device individually.

Guest Network Pro features a Kid’s Network, IoT Network, VPN Network and Guest Network. It also features IoT device setup and management, parental controls, and advanced VPN instant connection.

Asus also announced Multi-Link Operation support for its next-gen Smart AiMesh feature included in routers like this one.

Asus says that Smart AiMesh provides AI-powered wireless backhaul and prioritizes high-demand packets to the faster band “helping to ensure buffer-free gaming and streaming experiences.”

Exact pricing and availability dates within Australia for this new ROG Rapture GT-BE19000 are yet to be confirmed.

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