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EXCLUSIVE: BSR To Open New Betta Company Owned Store

The BSR Group who operate the Betta Electrical retail stores is set to open a series of Company owned stores in an effort to improve training, instore merchandising and the overall management of their franchised stores.

The first store is set to be in Underwood Queensland, this store will be followed up with stores in other States according to BSR Managing Director Graeme Cunningham.

He said that the primary object of the exercise is have a location where BSR management can “train staff, test merchandising concepts and develop new instore procedures”.

“We will also use the locations to attract new franchisees” he said.

Betta Home Living is an independent retail franchise group that sells home appliance and furniture in Australia.

Based in Brisbane the chain is owned by the BSR Franchising group who currently operate over 160 stores in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania, all appliance buying is conducted via the NARTA buying group.

According to Cunningham the group is using two external consultants to help them with the development of the new Brisbane store.