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EXCLUSIVE: Aqipa Scores Milo Distribution As Product Takes Off On Kickstarter

European distributor Aqipa has been revealed as the global distributor of the new Milo group voice chat device invented by an Australian which launched yesterday on Kickstarter.

ChannelNews exclusively revealed that the man who helped invent networked audio Australian Peter Celinski, was rolling out his new Milo offering with the product set to be available in Australia next year.

A Kickstarter program for the device has already raised over $745K which is more than triple what was initially expected.

The unlock key to the device which Aqipa has invested in is that it eliminates the need for a smartphone when a group or two people want to communicate with each other when skiing, cycling, or hiking.

The device also delivers a major benefit for builders managing contractors and workers on a building site with a range of over 600 metres.

Tipped to be one of the hot products of 2021, the device has been launched by Loose Cannon Systems who launched their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Milo as they move to the next stage of development.

“We have reimagined the push-to-talk radio with Milo,” said Loose Cannon Systems CEO Peter Celinski in an interview ChannelNews earlier this week.

Each Milo device has six microphones, a speaker, and multiple radios to ensure good communication.

“What we have built with Milo is the action communicator,” Celinski said. “The whole premise of Milo is to make shared adventures and shared experiences better by connecting people during those moments that matter the most. So, you can use it when you’re on the slopes, on the trails, on the water, with friends and family, maybe skiing, mountain biking, camping, or hiking.”

The push-to-talk market is worth about $12 billion. And the outdoor sports category is already having a boom year as people buy things like mountain bikes, camping gear, and navigation equipment during the pandemic.

The company is taking preorder’s via Kickstarter today, and the first products are expected to ship in December. A two-pack Milo costs $320 (about 36% off the retail price of US$498. A three-pack costs $450, and a four-pack costs $550. A single radio costs $170.

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