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Consumers Dump 5G For 4G Concern For Telstra

In what should be of concern to carriers such as Telstra, consumers who initially invested in 5G are now dumping their 5G service instead choosing to return to 4G networks due to poor coverage and speeds that make little difference between 4G and 5G.

Telstra boss Andy Penn demonstrates a 5G home device

In Korea where 5G is significantly more advanced than Australia consumers are downgrading back to 4G networks because they are seen as being more reliable.

A report by South Korean Rep. Hong Jung-min, who belongs to the Science, ICT, Broadcasting and Communications Committee at the National Assembly said that many 5G users in South Korea have gone back to the lower-speed network service as the high-priced new network system failed to offer quality connection and coverage.

Recently more than 562,656 consumers dumped 5G in South Korea which is more than the amount of 5G handsets already sold in Australia.

On the 13th of October Apple is set to release new 5G models and this will be followed by new 5G handsets from Motorola.

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