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eSIM Roaming Recommended For Travel To China

Planning a trip to China? Well, with the Internet regulations, travel requires a bit more preparation.

Most services and platforms used daily, such as Google, Instagram, and YouTube aren’t accessible in China by default.

One way to bypass the regulations is a VPN service, however, these require a stable Wi-Fi connection, and most only work for a limited time before they’re blocked.

An alternative, which offers seamless connectivity, is eSIM. Now widely available on phones, tablets, and smartwatches, picking up an eSIM plan is quick and bypasses those internet regulations.

It also provides mobile data the second the user lands in the country, preventing the expense of roaming fees.

Three eSIM providers recommended include Airalo, Yesim, and Saily, which comes from the makers of NordVPN.

Saily and Airalo start at 1GB data plans, valid for seven days. Yesim’s entry point is 3GB, valid for one week.

There are also 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB tiers, with validity ranging from fifteen to thirty days.

Yesim also offers unlimited data plans that range between seven days and thirty days.

Saily is the cheapest, followed by Airalo and then Yesim.

Airalo estimates approximately how much data the user will need based on their usage.

Video streaming uses the most data (1GB per hour (SD), 4GB per hour (HD), and 7GB per hour (4K).

Google Maps uses 5MB per hour, social media uses 50MB per hour, Internet browsing uses 50MB per hour, online gaming uses 70+MB per hour, and music streaming uses 100MB per hour.

Setup and activation are similar for all three, but the most important first step is to make sure the device supports eSIM.

Saily, Airalo, or Yesim can be used to pick out the specific data plan. Once the plan has been selected and purchased, it will appear inside the user’s profile on the respective app.

Then, the user will be directed through a setup process to activate the eSIM profile. This involves scanning a QR code sent to their account and following instructions on the screen. They can also enter an activation code manually.

It’s been recommended to activate the travel eSIM prior to the trip with a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Once it’s been activated, the eSIM profile should appear in the cellular data settings under eSIMs.

The new eSIM will need to be assigned mobile data and the roaming option will need to be activated. This will allow it to automatically connect to local networks at the destination.

All three have support chats should the user have trouble installing and setting up.

All three also promise up to 5G speeds and support for personal hotspots. Apple users will also get access to iMessage and FaceTime over Cellular.

Airalo and Yesim also include a free VPN, which won’t be needed to bypass China’s Internet regulations.

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