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Epson Moves From Drone Goggles To Blisteringly Fast Printers

Epson is one of those Japanese brands, that seriously flies under the radar when it comes delivering some seriously good technology, not only are they known for their high-quality printers and projectors they have recently delivered a new pair of optical glasses that act as a management system for drones.

A major backer of the Mercedes team Formula 1 team, an organisation that prides itself on its disciplines Epson is one of those brands that is almost a perfect fit for the perfectionists at Mercedes who at the weekend managed to come in second and third at the Australian Grand Prix and that was at the start of the season. Last year they cleaned up in the 22 race, championship.

Just before the Grand Prix kicked off Epson Australia revealed a new WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590 printer and like the Mercedes team this device is a pedigree product, especially when it comes to high speed and performance printing.

Capable of delivering 100 pages of colour pages per minute which is more than a page a second. It also allows 20 users to be connect to the device at once.

According to Epson two big issues for big business is having to wait for large print runs to finish and the high cost of maintenance.

Epson claims that printing a million pages on a laser printer involves changing 32 components — compared to zero on an inkjet.

“By leveraging Epson’s high-speed production inkjet technology, we could solve a long time-challenge for SMB and large workgroups: making colour printing in the office accessible to all, at an affordable cost,” said Epson Australia management.

At the heart of the Epson printing system is new PrecisionCore Line Head Technology

Another key benefit is that the printer uses 50 percent less power than high end colour laser printers.

The WF-C20590 offers a standard 2,350-page paper capacity, and an optional 3,000 sheet high input capacity unit, and an optional finisher for collating and stapling.

Its high-yield large capacity ink cartridges deliver up to 100,000 black4 / 50,000 colour ISO pages* before replacement.

The WF-C20590 features Epson Open Platform for seamless integration with web-based enterprise applications such as PaperCut MF and other workflows, and is fully MPS compliant.

Drone Goggles

Epson says its new drone goggles are set to go on sale and at $1,100 these goggles are strictly for the drone enthusiast.

Available initially via the Epson Australia web site, these goggles which were demonstrated alongside the new printer, let drone pilots use first-person views from their cameras without breaking line-of-sight with their UAVs.

The company is preparing to ship its Moverio BT-300 augmented reality (AR) “smart glasses,” in Australia.

The Drone Edition comes pre-loaded with DJI’s DJI Go app for viewing the live camera feed from DJI’s UAVs.

“Now in our sixth year in the AR eyewear space, Epson’s Moverio platform has driven interest and sales increases exponentially year after year,” said Epson Australia executives.

They claim that being able to see the first-person view while looking directly at the airborne drone is critical for pilots due to requirements from Australian authorities that drone pilots maintain visual line-of-sight with their vehicles at all times.

The Moverio is based around Epson’s proprietary silicon-based Si-OLED display technology, along with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and other sensors.


The operating system is Android 5.1, running on a quad-core Intel Atom X5 processor. Clip-on shades are available for use in sunlight, and the unit includes fasteners that can affix the Moverio controller to a DJI Phantom or Inspire phone mount.

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