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Epic v Apple Trial Could Impact 50,000 Games On App Store

The future of close to 50,000 games on the Apple App Store hangs in the balance, according to court testimonies from a senior Apple executive, which revealed that 17 per cent of the 280,000 games on the App Store, around 47,600 titles, are labelled as freemium – the same model used by Fornite.

Freemium games are free to download but require, or offer, in-app purchases. Fornite was removed from Apple’s store for offering its own in-house payment system, thus circumnavigating Apple’s own system, which takes a 30 per cent slice.

Epic sued after Fortnite was removed, citing unfair competition practices, and the results of this case could heavily impact those 47,600 titles that operating under the same freemium model.

Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow and former senior vice president of worldwide marketing, says the company has a Small Business Program for developers who earn less than $1 million per calendar year, in which Apple share of in-game purchases would drop to 15 per cent. He estimates 90 per cent of developers would qualify, but only “tens of thousands” have applied for the revenue cut.

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