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Apple’s Legal Team Begins Its Defence In Epic Games Case

Apple Inc calls its first witness, Phil Schiller, to the stand.

After a fortnight of Epic presenting witnesses in the much-followed Epic v Apple federal court case in Oakland, California, including the likes of CEO Tim Sweeney and representatives from Microsoft and Nvidia, Apple started their defence overnight, starting with former senior VP of worldwide marketing, and current App Store boss Phil Schiller.

Already, Schiller has already explained how 47,600 of the 280,000 games available on the App Store are offered as the same freemium model as Epic’s Fortnite, meaning this case will have real ramifications on a ton of developers.

According to court filings, he will discuss “the development and launch of the App Store, policies and guidelines, the company’s business model, and competition faced by the company.”

Apple software chief Craig Federighi is expected to be next on the stand, but the real heat will come with Apple’s closing appearance from CEO Tim Cook, who will discuss “the company’s business model and why the App Store operates as it does.”

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