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Employment Rate Continues To Improve With More Part-Time Work

Employment in Australia increased by 114,700 people between June and July, though this was more part-time employment (71,200 people) than full-time employment (43,500 people), according to the ABS. Hours worked also rose by 1.3%.

While the employment rate grew by 0.5% to 59.8%, the unemployment also grew slightly to 7.5% as the participation rate increased.

“The number of unemployed people rose by nearly 16,000 between June and July. For the first time there were more than one million people out of work, available to work and actively looking for work,” said Bjorn Jarvis, Head of Labour Statistics at the ABS.

“The July figures indicate that employment had recovered by 343,000 people and hours worked had also recovered 5.5% since May. Employment remained over half a million people lower than seen in March, while hours worked remained 5.5% lower.”

It is worth noting that these figures reflect the Stage 3 restrictions in Victoria, but the impact of Stage 4 restrictions will be revealed in the August employment figures.

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