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Australian Demand For Model Y Shocks Elon Musk

Last week, Tesla announced its Model Y is finally coming to the Australian market, following multiple delays.

The Tesla press release issued last week said that first deliveries are planned for August to November this year.

Within hours, this date had already been pushed back to February – March 2023 – at least for New South Wales orders, both ‘personal’ and ‘business’.

By the end of the year, you couldn’t get a Model Y before next May, a deliver time of almost a year!

Even Elon Musk was shocked at Australia’s uptake

“We’re working on accelerating RHD Model Y production,” he tweeted, in response to a story about the blown out delivery times. “Didn’t expect demand to be so high!”

At least this is some assurance that those who order now might not be waiting around a year to get their car.

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