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Electric Floor-Rising Projector Screen From Elite

Distributed by Elite Screens Australia and Alloy, the new Kestral Tab-Tension 3 series of electric floor-rising projector screens are just the ticket if you’re after a home theatre or high-level conference room screen with maximum impact.

Specialising in high-quality projection screens for retailers and integrators, Elite Screens’ latest release provides quality and accessibility whether you have a night of popcorn or a day of training on the cards.

The tab-tension design means you’ve always got a flat and tight surface that serves up a ripple-free image perfect for short-throw projectors.

If your situation means a wall/ceiling installation isn’t practical, the “scissor-backed” cross risers that let you raise and lower the screen are the ideal alternative.

Plus, the screen’s CineWhite X material is ISF certified for accurate colour reproduction . It also provides an ultra-wide viewing angle, giving viewers a clear and bright picture from anywhere in the room.

As for the housing, there’s aluminium construction that’s moisture resistant and available in a black housing.

It also features handheld remotes and a 12v trigger, and comes in 122″, 133″ and 150″, with a 16:9 aspect ratio.