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Dyson Sucks Twice As Hard

Dyson Sucks Twice As Hard

Dyson’s latest upright, the DC65 Animal, comes packed with features to seriously outclass competitors and easily justify the $949 price while delivering Dyson’s most powerful clean yet on any surface.  

As 91pc of Australian homes have a mixture of carper, hardwood, linoleum and tiled surfaces, most other vacuum makers have a problem: they focus on carpet performance over everything else.

This is where the DC65 steps in as an all-purpose vacuum cleaner specifically designed for all the surfaces in Australian homes – including baseboards, upholstery and high, awkward gaps. 


The DC65’s headline feature is twice the suction power of competitors thanks to remodelled internal airflows with up to 180 watts of suction to remove dirt, dust and allergens.

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“Radial Cyclone” technology maximises suction power, with a mesh separating large debris and inner cyclones generating centrifugal forces to extra microscopic dust, pollen and mould – as opposed to competing bag or bagless units that can lose suction and get clogged.  

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A new brush bar with 25pc more power has shorter and stiffer bristles, removing more dust and dirt than ever before, while a separate tangle-free turbine tool uses counter-rotating brush heads. This means no brush bar making it impossible for hair to wrap around.   

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The self-adjusting cleaner head automatically adapts to any floor surface, creating a continuous seal that better removes dust, removing the hassle of changing heads for different surface types. 

There’s also an instant release hose and wand without catches or parts to assemble that can even reach the top of the stairs, along with a slim cleaner head soleplate frame that cleans even closer to the edges in your rooms.


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Dyson CEO and Founder James Dyson said, “Conventional vacuums concentrate only on carpet – neglecting other grubby areas of your home. Dyson engineers have designed a machine which properly cleans all your floors – not just one of them.”

With $300 million invested every year in R&D and $55 million of which is dedicated to future technologies for full-size vacuums, Dyson is spending over $5 million a week to ensure it keeps on cleaning up in the cleaning market. 

Other standout features include:


– Testing: Dyson upright vacuums are subjected to 550 tests over 50,000 hours. During development a Dyson vacuum will be dropped onto a hard floor 5,318 times. It will run 1,363 kilometers on a turntable rig; the equivalent of being pushed from the Sydney to Melbourne and back again.

– Patents: There are currently 304 patents and 481 pending patent applications worldwide relating to technology used in the Dyson Ball range of vacuum cleaners.

– Research, Design and Development: DC65 is the result of more than three years’ intensive R&D by a team of 70 engineers who created 5,000 prototypes.

– Tools: This machine includes Dyson-engineered tools, designed to clean hard to reach places.

– Hygienic bin emptying: Just push the button to release the dirt directly into the bin.

– Weight: 7.8kg

– Measurements: 1076mm high, 391mm wide and 340mm deep

– Bin capacity: 2 litres

– Warranty: The machine comes with a 2 year parts and labour warranty.


Retailing for $949, the DC65 Animal is available in stores now. 

More information from Dyson here

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