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Soundbar Speaker Mount From Sanus

Soundbar Speaker Mount From Sanus

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The VisionMount VMA201 supports most soundbars and centre-channel speakers up to 35 lbs. and attaches directly to VisionMount LL22, LT25 and LMT15 wall mounts for optimal, space-saving speaker placement beneath a mounted TV.

There is no need for additional drilling and the product comes with all of the hardware necessary to complete the installation.

Sanus’s Director of Product Management, Steve Frank said, “The VMA201 allows a soundbar speaker to be placed up, off a piece of furniture, directly beneath a mounted TV for a clean, low-profile look and a superior audio experience. With our ProSet post-installation adjustment features, an installer can create a professional looking display without having to take a single measurement. You don’t even have to detach the TV from the wall mount on a pre-existing application.”

Post-installation adjustment features include ProSet macro height adjustment so the speaker can be raised or lowered up to 12.625-inches in relation to the TV and ProSet micro level adjustment for fine-tuning the installation with up to 1.75-inch of roll capabilities.

The VMA201 is constructed of strong extruded aluminum and heavy-gauge steel.