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BenQ Launches A Projector World-First

The W1080ST is the first 3D, Full HD short-throw video projector to be released anywhere in the world. It produces a 65 inch display from just a metre away and, as a result, can adapt to any room’s layout, size and ambient lighting.

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BenQ’s General Manager, Chee F. Chung, praised the W1080ST’s innovative feature set.

“The W1080ST home entertainment projector is an exciting release for us because it is a unique offering, packed with desirable features and showcasing full-HD content in sharp 1080p definition.

“It’s the world’s first Full-HD short throw home entertainment projector, creating a 65″ image when positioned at a distance of just one metre, preventing image obstruction and shadows on the screen which is particularly important when engaging in motion sensing games,” said Chung.

BenQ also released the W1070, a Full HD projector capable of 3D playback for less than $1,000.

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“Likewise,” continue Chung, “the W1070 is a quality home entertainment projector offering great bang for your buck – it’s our first fully featured 3D Full-HD projector with a retail price of less than $1000 and in this price category it is unrivalled.”

The W1070 and the W1080ST both 2,000 lumen brightness, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 2 HDMI connections and 10 Watt built in speakers.

Available now, BenQ’s W1080ST and W1070 retail at $1,799 and $999 respectively.