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Yamaha Expands 3D Receiver Range

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Like the previously released ’67’ models, the new receivers are 3D ready out of the box. The RX-V667, RX-V767 and RX-V1067 also feature ARC (Audio Return Channel) which allows a compatible TV to send audio ‘backwards’ along a HDMI cable.

The RX-V667 (90W x 7) features a HDMI repeater (6 in/1 out) with CINEMA DSP 3D mode with or without Front Presence Speakers. This receiver also features 1080p upscaling, a colour GUI (Graphical User Interface), zone 2 for multiple audio sources in different areas, and iPod album artwork display.

The RX-V667 is included in the YHT-994AU home theatre package which also includes 2 x NS-555, 4 x NS-333, 1 x NS-C444 speakers and the YST-RSW300 subwoofer.

The Yamaha RX-V767 (95W x 7) adds dual HDMI outputs to the existing six HDMI inputs (6 in/2 out). Yamah claims that the additional 5w for each channel enables it to drive larger speakers, while the aluminium front panel provides better shielding from electromagnetic interference.

The RX-V767 is included with the YHT-1094AU home theatre pack which includes NS-777 main speakers, 4 x NS-333, 1 x NS-C444 speakers with two YST-RSW300 subwoofers.

Finally, the RX-V1067 (105W x 7) features eight (8) HDMI inputs with dual simultaneous outputs. The front USB connection allows a user to listen to music stored on thumb drives, while the Ethernet connectivity provides access to Internet radio and music stored on a PC or NAS server.

The company also claims that the Ethernet connection also allows web browser control from products such as an iPhone that are part of the local area network. RS-232 is included for integrating with touch-screen remote controllers.

The RX-V1067 is included in the YHT-1194AU home theatre package along with NS-9900 floorstanding speakers, NS-P9900 centre/surround speakers, two YST-RSW300 subwoofers and the NS-AW592 outdoor speakers.

RRP of the new Yamaha products are as follows:

RX-V667 $1,099
RX-V767 $1,299
RX-V1067 $1,699 (available in November)

YHT-994AU $2,999
YHT-1094AU $3,999
YHT-1194AU $4,999 (available in November)