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Dyson Launch New Ambient Lamp And Air Purifier

[via Digital Trends]

Dyson is ramping up its lighting and air purifying products with its new ambient Dyson Lightcycle desk and floor lamps, promising to last up to 60 years, and a personal-sized air purifier.

The Dyson Lightcycle lamp can automatically adjust its lighting temperature based on natural light or time of day — also activated via a press of a button.

Users can also schedule lighting modes and it is connected with the Dyson Link app to set location and implement specific lighting modes for study, precision (for designers and artists), and relax.

It also offers specific lighting and brightness modes for the users’ age.

The lamp features a control panel above its bulb that utilises touch-capacitive taps and slides to control the power, brightness, and fire temperature.

The lamps can only be controlled via touch controls and the Dyson Link app, there is no integration with smart voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa.

Along the side of the stand, there’s a single USB-C port, its output power has not been reported.

In addition to the lamp, Dyson is also introducing a new personal air purifier, with a ball-like tiltable top to control the direction of air flow.

The new Dyson Pure Cool Me also includes oscillation modes and a timer controlled via its remote as it will not connect with the Dyson Link app.

Unlike its big brother, the Pure Cool Me, it won’t share detailed information like the kinds of microns and impurities it eliminates but will share the status of the filter — which Dyson claims should last a year with daily use.

The Dyson Lightcycle Lamps will be released globally in April with prices starting at US$599.99 for the desk lamp and US$899.99 for the floor lamp.

The Pure Cool Me is priced from US$349.99, also slated for an April launch.

Local prices and availability yet to be confirmed.

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