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EXCLUSIVE:The Good Guys Now Ranging Premium Yamaha Sound Gear After Being Kicked Out Of JB Hi Fi

Yamaha is back selling their premium sound gear at The Good Guys after being booted out of JB Hi Fi several years ago after a spat over Yamaha musical instruments.

Ironically the CEO of JB Hi Fi at the time was Terry Smart who is now CEO of The Good Guys which is now a JB Hi Fi store.

Customers shopping for an affordable Japanese sound system now have several options from the $349 Yamaha MC 20 MusicCast speakers that compete head on with Sonos to soundbars and Yamaha turntables.

These speakers are part of Yamaha’s multi-room audio casting service which allows you to pair up multiple devices together to create a full surround sound experience.

The Yamaha offering is targeting a market that has been occupied and dominated by Sonos who’s speakers are now being given away with Chinese smartphones and will soon be flogged by IKEA.

Yamaha has nailed the MC20 with its upright cylindrical design finished in premium matte metals with a glossy glass top where the manual controls are.

Shoppers at TGG are also able to buy the premium $699 Yamaha MusicCast 50 speaker.

Known for their top end soundbars The Good Guys is also ranging the $1,495 Yamaha 7.1 Channel Surround Soundbar as well as the Yamaha Wireless Speakers. Also ranged are several Home Theatre options as well as the Yamaha Music Cast Vinyl 500 Turntable.

Yamaha is a Company whose products have traditionally been sold by Premium Hi Fi dealers with the move by TGG set to deliver growth for the Melbourne based Yamaha.

“The fact that The Good Guys is ranging the top end Japanese sound gear speaks volumes as to the premium brand direction that The Good Guys is being taken” said one observer.

During the past 12 months TGG have revamped stores while opening new ones such as their recent Moor Park store in Sydney.

They have also expanded their premium appliance brand offerings and will soon launch an expanded range of top end Hitachi TV’s including a 65″ 4K UHD model from the Japanese brand that is also known for their premium appliances and TV’s.

More to follow.

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